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Why do I need Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation?

Your need for rehabilitation is dependant on your personal health, fitness and healing goals. After a few sessions your doctor can evaluate how you are responding to Neurological Rehabilitation. Your healing response will dictate how often you need rehabilitation to meet your goals. Most patients start with Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation because they want to regain function lost as a result of an injury, illness or condition. Others want to live pain free without physical limitations. And of course there are the people who want their body to be at its best - it doesn't matter if you want to be more fit or to be an Amateur, Olympic or Professional Athlete - Enabling your body's peak performance is achieved with Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation.

If you have ever experienced an Injury, Illness or Condition (IIC) in your lifetime - It is likely that you are living with Neurological Deficits as a direct result. A Neurological Deficit can represent itself with ANY symptom or dysfunction in your body including:

  • Pain
  • Muscular Weakness and Imbalance
  • Decreased Range of Motion
  • Numbness, Tingling and Loss of Sensation
  • Organ Dysfunction
  • Circulatory & Lymphatic
  • Digestive problems
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Mental and Memory Problems
  • The Five Senses - Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch
  • Auto-Immune including MS, Parkinson's, ALS
  • ADD & ADHD
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Vertigo and Balance
  • And many, many more

Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation is a powerful system that can optimize your body's performance and healing. Quantum Neurology is unique because its focus is on strengthening the Nervous System. Your Nervous System controls every muscle, organ and function in your body. This is why everyone can benefit from Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation - The same techniques that are used to enhance Professional and Olympic Athletes are used to help everyday patients achieve their physical and healing goals.

How Does Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation Work?

Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation is a method of exercising and strengthening the Nervous System. This is done by incorporating neurological activation, physical mobilization and light therapy. Using a patented system of evaluation and correction, we find hidden neurological weaknesses in the body. Specific techniques allow us to activate the Nervous System's innate healing power so that the body can heal itself. A Quantum Neurologist is trained in finding the NeuroExpression Pattern caused by each injury, illness or condition. Only the Nerves that are not performing properly are rehabilitated. This process allows the Quantum Neurologist to customize a rehabilitation protocol that is unique for each patient and their goals.

Why is Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation so effective?

These techniques activate powerful healing in the body. It is effective because we are activating the body's innate healing abilities through the Nervous System. Each Injury, Illness or Condition sets off an Alarm within the Nervous System. The Nervous System activates this Alarm to protect the body from further injury. The Alarm creates the Illusions of Pain, Decreased Range of Motion and Dysfunction. Many patients heal with these Alarm systems activated. This means that they will experience Pain, Decreased ROM and Dysfunction long after their injury, Illness or Condition has "Healed." In many cases this Alarm can be active in the patient's body for the rest of their life. Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation turns off the unnecessary Alarm Systems in the body. It is not uncommon to see immediate neurological changes in one session. Many patients experience an improvement in their symptoms within the first five visits. Each patient and their injury, illness or conditions are unique. Results may vary from patient to patient.

What is NeuroExpression?

Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation is unique because it finds the neurological pattern created by an Injury, Illness or Condition (IIC). This pattern is called the Patient's NeuroExpression. Each Quantum Neurologist is trained to identify the NeuroExpression Pattern created by an IIC. Every IIC can affect different parts of the Nervous System. For example if someone steps on a nail - they will start to limp because they damaged the muscles on the bottom of their foot. This is reflective of the Motor portion of the Nervous System. The same injury can cause numbness on the bottom of the foot which contributes to the Sensory portion of the nervous system. And the patient's sexual organs, bowel and bladder can also be affected because they share the same nerve supply as the bottom of the foot. Therefore - one injury can affect the Motor, Sensory and Visceral parts of the Nervous System simultaneously. It is our experience that when the NeuroExpression Pattern is strengthened - the patient's body heals itself. The Nervous System immediately begins to heal itself in the areas that were compromised by the IIC. A Quantum Neurologist is the only doctor trained in finding and correcting the NeuroExpression Patterns caused by injury, illness or condition.

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